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Administrators, Teachers, Adjunct Faculty, Support Staff, Tutors, Substitute Teachers, and Paraeducators.

Information Technology

Application Developers, Database Administrators, System Hardware & Networking Officers, Data Analysts, Cyber Security Experts, Robotic Engineers, AI & Automation Experts

Administrative & Customer Support

Customer Support Personnel, Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Virtual Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Front Desk Personnel, and Secretaries.


Executive Chefs, Bar Managers, Restaurant Managers, Event Planners, Tour Guides, Front Desk Agents, and Concierge.

Finance & Accounting​

Accountants, Treasurers, Payroll Experts, Auditors, Financial Planners, Financial Analysts, and Book Keepers.

Marketing & Creative​​

Brand Managers, Copywriters, Proof Readers, SEO Experts, Graphics Designers, Digital Marketing Experts, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, and Business Development Managers.


Lawyers, Paralegals, Clerks, Legal Records Managers, Mailmen, Legal Secretaries, Legal Assistants, Legal Analysts, Jury Consultants, Mediators, Legal Administrators, Case Managers, Attorneys, and Arbitrators.

Construction​ & Manufacturing

General Contractors, Field Engineers, Equipment Operators, Estimators, Laborers, Electricians, Plumbers, Surveyors, Welders, Roofers, and Painters.


Nurses, Doctors, and Support Staff.


Insurance Brokers, Underwriters, Claims Adjustors, and Insurance Investigators.


Camera Operators, Video Editors, Script Writers, Actors, News Anchors, Sound Engineers, and Editors.


Procurement Officers, Warehouse Managers, Freight Agents, Inventory Managers, and Supply Chain Managers.

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